The Second Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) is primarily focused on promoting interparliamentary cooperation on socio-economic and environmental issues. Through its comprehensive and innovative approach, the work of the 2nd Standing Committee aims at providing Member Parliaments with a continuously updated overview of the most prominent themes, including trade, economic integration, support for SMEs, Start-Ups, biodiversity, food security and global warming.

The Second Standing Committee


  • Economic development
  • Trade and investment promotion
  • Support for SMEs, startups and employment
  • Climate change and environmental protection
  • Energy security and green energy transition
  • Digitalization, artificial intelligence and innovation technology

What it does

Globalization, economy, trade, finance, debt issues, industry, agriculture, fisheries, employment and migration, population, poverty and exclusion, human settlements, water and energy resources, desertification and protection of the environment, tourism, transport, science, technology and technological innovation.

Hon. Giulio Centemero (Italy)
Hon. Giulio Centemero (Italy)
President of the 2nd Standing Committee

Bureau of the Second Standing Committee

  • Hon. Giulio Centemero (Italy)

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