The third Standing Committee’s work encompasses a wide range of social, humanitarian affairs, human right issues that affect citizens from the Euro-Mediterranean and the Gulf region. These include mass migrations, refugees, interfaith-dialogue, human rights, heritage and education, among others.

The Third Standing Committee


  • Mass Migrations
  • Human rights
  • Gender issues
  • Protection and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Education and youth issues
  • Inter-religious dialogue
  • Promotion of tolerance and dialogue among civilizations

What it does

Mutual respect and tolerance, democracy, human rights, migration, gender issues, children, minorities’ rights, education, culture and heritage, sports, media and information, and dialogue among religions.

Hon. Pedro Roque (Portugal)
Hon. Pedro Roque (Portugal)
President of the 3rd Standing Committee

Bureau of the Third Standing Committee

  • Hon. Pedro Roque (Portugal)

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