• Radicalised individuals committing terrorist acts on European soil
    The question of their surveillance and the legislations governing expulsions and public opinion’s
    reaction to attacks
  • Notes on the 9453rd meeting of the UN Security Council
    “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question”
  • From child trafficking to child harvesting Report
    The report examines the repercussions and effects of the war and conflict on the population, particularly on women and children, placing special emphasis on the issue of gender-based violence.
  • Thematic Paper on Childhood in The Windblown of Terrorism
    PAM approach on childhood in the windblown of terrorism
  • Naples' Declaration: “The Palermo Convention: the future of the fight against transnational organized crime”
    Royal Palace of Naples 20-21 June 2022

    The Naples' Declaration summarizes the elements in the agenda and the work that the Assembly has done so far, and recalled all the resolutions already adopted by the international community, within the UN mechanism, to fight transnational organized crime. It represents the manifesto of the Assembly to support the work of governments and international institutions to act united in contrasting criminal organizations.
  • Threat to global food security: Looting of cereals in Ukraine by Russian Federation
    Threat to global food security:, Looting of cereals in Ukraine by Russian Federation
  • Updated briefing on Covid-19 vaccination
    This paper provides the latest information for parliamentarians and their staff in relation to vaccination for COVID-19, and actions they can take to promote universal uptake. Lessons being learnt should also inform wider public health improvements and international health collaboration among PAM members.
  • Tourism for the Euro Mediterranean region: PAM and UNWTO joins efforts.
    On 19 May, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean launched a new partnership with the he UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), holding a virtual meeting between PAM Secretary General and Ms Alessandra Priante, Director of UNWTO Regional Department for Europe.
  • The menace of a second wave of Covid and the need for a common approach to crisis management
    In terms of the scale of transmission and exerted impacts, countries can be classified into three main groups: the first group has already witnessed the peak of the pandemic, the second category where cases are reaching the peak, and the third cluster is experiencing the beginning of escalation.
  • Security amid the Covid-19 Pandemic
    On 23 March 2020, as the world began to brace itself for the global COVID-19 pandemic, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres issued a call for a global ceasefire, for the world to focus all of its available efforts on confronting the outbreak of the virus.
  • PAM update on the Second Wave of Covid-19 in the Euro-Mediterranean region
    In the past weeks, immediately after summer vacations, the Euro-Mediterranean region has started facing the impact and consequences of the second wave of COVID-19.
  • PAM supports the World Bank, IFC and EU efforts in fighting Covid-19
    In the framework of the partnership between the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and the World Bank (WB), to better deal with financial, economic and legislative challenges in our region, the WB Global Parliamentary Engagement Team has shared with PAM details about its first emergency operations from the fast-track facility for COVID-19 with $1.9 billion USD of emergency health support and strengthened response.
  • PAM Strengthens Cooperation with Regional and Municipal Governments
    On 15 May, PAM Secretary General held a Webinar meeting with the Mr. Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), and Ms. Marlène Siméon, the Director of PLATFORMA, a pan-European coalition of towns and regions.
  • PAM celebrates the World Heritage Day
    Every year, 18th April is celebrated as the “World Heritage Day”, proposed in 1982 by the International Council for Monuments & Sites (ICOMOS) and approved by UNESCO General Conference in its 22nd session in 1983.
  • PAM calls for urgent action to combat the surge in domestic violence
    It is unfortunately and widely known that, in times of crisis, violence against women, girls and children is likely to increase.
  • PAM and AIM in support of SMEs in post-Covid Recovery
    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) contributed to the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Webinar, which took place on 11 May, dedicated to “Importance of SME Partnerships in Post Crisis Era”, jointly organized with the Ministry of Economy of the UAE.