• Brief on Covid-19 Vaccine
    This paper provides information and analysis for PAM parliamentarians and the staff of PAM’s Members and Partners in relation to the latest state of knowledge and action with regard to vaccination on COVID-19, and also recommends core actions for them to consider to promote fair and equitable access, when a safe and effective vaccine becomes available.
  • Background note on Covid-19 and Tourism sector in the PAM region
    Tourism, including its related supply industries and services, is one of the economic sectors first and most heavily affected by the COVID-19 in the Mediterranean region and in the whole world.
  • Thematic Paper on Climate-related Security Risks
    PAM approach to Climate-related Security Risks.
  • PAM Thematic Paper on Human Rights
    PAM activities on Human Rights-related issues.
  • PAM Strategy Paper 2013-2017
    PAM vision for future challenges: strategic actions for 2013-2017.
  • PAM Strategy Paper 2008-2012
    Working Paper on the Strategy and the Action Plan of the PAM 2008-2012 "Building on our common Mediterranean heritage".
  • PAM Instruments
    PAM Instruments: Statutes, Rules of Procedure, Rules of the Standing Committees, Rules of the Secretariat.
  • PAM General Outline
    The General Outline of PAM, the Parliamentary Forum of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.