Message by PAM Secretary General

Youth, Unemployment and Job Creation

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, during the works of the VI Plenary Session, held in Palermo, Italy, on 28 October 2011, had agreed to dedicate the PAM Mediterranean Day 2012, celebrated on 21 March each year, to the theme Youth, Unemployment and Job Creation.

This is in line with PAM’s increased commitment on economic cooperation and integration in the region, aimed at creating further opportunities for dialogue and concrete actions between all the public and private stakeholders within a wider inter-regional project of sustainable development.

The Secretariat, as it does every year, has invited Parliaments from the Member States to include in their calendar of events on 21 March, or on a more suitable date, an activity related to the theme the Assembly had approved in Palermo.

This occasion and the related events, represent an important window to draw the attention of the civil society, the media and the citizens on the role that PAM has in the region, and on how PAM’s parliamentary diplomacy is strategically and effectively operating on a wider international level for the benefit of the citizens and the strengthening of the democratic values and institutions in the member states. The more PAM shows a collective and united effort in its endeavours, the more it consolidates its status in the international arena, in order to safeguard and continue to improve the conditions for a stable, peaceful and secure environment for the Mediterranean people.
Malta, 21 March 2012