The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean has declared March 21 of each year as the Mediterranean Day.

It is a day when a new season steps in, leaving behind a trail of cold and wet weather, where nature returns to blossom and regenerates itself.

In the last few years the Mediterranean has experienced a number of Springs, where civil societies have expressed with determination and sacrifice their aspirations to open a new season in their lives, calling for human rights, rule of law, justice, employment security, social solidarity, and a better future for their children.

On the occasion of the Mediterranean Day 2014, PAM wishes to draw the attention on and highlight the role of parliaments in protecting the rights of children. They are the first to suffer from social degradation, as refugees and displaced in situations of war and conflict, as child soldiers, in child trafficking, as unaccompanied migrants.

PAM wishes to stress the responsibility that Mediterranean parliamentarians carry in safeguarding children from the conspicuous malice that in some quarters of society has eradicated rooted values and lost all sense of dignity and respect for live.
Children need our protection. Children need a caring society. Children need to become the focus of our future.

Yet, their future is today.    

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean will continue its advocacy action among its Member States so that children can experience better Springs, where they can grow and flourish in a peaceful and secure region.

Finally PAM wishes to invited all National Parliaments to a special reflection on these overarching issues and adopt the necessary legislative measure to enhance the rights and protection of children.


Malta, 21 March 2014