A better integrated regional economy for the wellbeing of the Mediterranean peoples

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean holds each year on the 21st of March the Mediterranean Day, as established on the occasion of its 3rd Plenary Session held in Monaco in 2008.
In conformity with the main activities of the Assembly on the issue of economic development, the theme chosen for the celebration of the Mediterranean Day 2019 is “A better integrated regional economy for the wellbeing of the Mediterranean peoples”
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, would like to underline first of all the importance of the conclusions of the Plenary Session 2019, as expressed in the adopted Resolution on Economic issues of interest to the Mediterranean region.
Economic growth continues to be fundamental to achieve social peace and political stability in the Mediterranean region. 
In 2010 PAM launched a process aimed at providing its member parliaments with state of the art information and tools to foster trade and economic integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region. PAM continuously addresses the concerns by the Assembly’s Member States in relation to the current trade war, the rise of protectionism, and challenges being faced by multilateral trade. These matters constitute a serious obstacle and a dangerous threat to regional economic and political integration.
PAM, through its Economic Panel and Academic Platform, will continue working with its member Parliaments, with other international Parliaments, other parliamentary, institutional Assemblies and Unions, the UN economic cluster, international financial institutions, OECD and WTO to promote and support sustainable economic development, initiatives and principles, keeping in mind its mandate and goal for the establishment of a unified, coherent and harmonized Euro-Mediterranean economic area.
PAM is convinced of the contribution that MPs can provide to economic reforms through their legislative action and to this end invites member states to adopt a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at promoting and supporting stability in the region from an economic and social perspective.
On this occasion PAM invites every national parliament, on Thursday 21st March 2019 or on a convenient closer date, to take into consideration to open the scheduled parliamentary proceedings with a brief reflection on the importance of the Mediterranean Day, within the context of the role that each parliamentarian and national parliament can actively play in further strengthening the democratic values of representation of the citizens. 
Through this collective initiative all Parliamentary institutions in the Mediterranean will speak with one voice in support of a better livelihood for all the region’s citizens.