Solidarity and Mutual Support

Honorable Heads of Delegation and Representatives of partner organizations, 

As per established tradition, 21 March marks the observance of Mediterranean Day in our region, as adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean in 2008. This day is an opportunity for our parliamentarians and our partners to unite and address those critical challenges facing us all.  

This year, the Euro-Mediterranean region, as many other parts of the world, is facing the peak of the outbreak of COVID 19, with the North shore being the current epicenter of the global pandemic. The pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, such as our health, the limitations in our daily actions, the constraints on our economic activities, and education. In such difficult times, the theme selected for reflecting together on the meaning of the Mediterranean Day 2020 is: “Solidarity and Mutual Support” 

In times of such an unprecedented health crisis that knows no borders, we need to put aside our differences and our own national interests, and rather focus our common efforts to address the impact and the further spreading of the pandemic. We need to take the necessary precautions recommended by WHO to slow-down the spread of the virus; we need to cooperate with each other to share important information and medical equipment; and for every action taken, even individually, we need to keep in mind the consequences it may have on the people around us.  

As recalled to us by the WHO Representative, who addressed our Plenary Session in Athens only a few days ago: Parliaments play a key role in a global health crisis. They allocate extraordinary budgets for health financing, keep governments accountable for their commitments and take the appropriate emergency legislative actions, while advocating countering the dissemination of false information and fake news. On its side, PAM will provide a platform for parliamentary cooperation, including the sharing of official information and best practices, throughout this period.  

Through solidarity, mutual support and mindful individual actions of each one of us, our region will overcome the crisis. We hope that, once we address the common challenge of the COVD 19 pandemic, we will continue to use solidarity to address the many humanitarian, security, economic and political challenges in our region to create a safe, stable, healthy and prosperous Euro-Mediterranean region for all of its peoples.

Amb. Sergio Piazzi

Secretary General