Leadership, Responsibility and Collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and its Member States observe on March 21st of every year the Mediterranean Day, as decided at its 3rd Plenary Session, held in Morocco in 2008. 

In line with activities of the Assembly and the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic chosen by the PAM Bureau for this year’s edition of the Mediterranean Day is “Leadership, Responsibility and Collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic”

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our societies to unknown challenges, leading not only to a health crisis but also to unprecedented economic and social uncertainties. PAM is convinced that such volatile times require a common response, solidarity, cooperation, as well as strong leadership, responsibility and collaboration in the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions.

During these proving months, we have witnessed great facets of solidarity and global collaboration, in particular towards the healthcare front-liners, as well as towards the most vulnerable segments of the populations, to include the elderly, the refugees, women and children, migrants and students, among others.

For this reason, the 2021 edition of the Mediterranean Day is dedicated to those who – despite all-odds - ensured the response to COVID and the adoption of measures in favour of those in need, the most vulnerable and affected.

On this day, PAM, in recognition of the critical role played by national parliaments and MPs in assuring leadership and responsibility, invites them to share information about the initiatives implemented, with examples of collaboration, at both the national and international levels, in favour of those in need. Through this collective initiative, Parliamentary institutions in the Mediterranean and Gulf regions speak with one voice promoting a better post-pandemic world.