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PAM Advocates for Sustainable Maritime Industry Growth at the Blue Economy Conference organized by Confindustria Nautica

17 May 2024, Viareggio, Italy - The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) contributed to the major Conference organized by the Italian Confindustria – and under the patronage of PAM – on “Blue Economy: Naval Shipbuilding and Sustainability". Hon. Deborah Bergamini (Italy) represented PAM at the debate, while Hon. Centemero (Italy), President of the PAM 2nd Standing Committee, contributed via video message.


The conference addressed the pivotal role of the maritime industry in driving national and regional economic development, while promoting global sustainability efforts. Notably, the maritime industry celebrated its exceptional achievements in 2023, reaching record-breaking levels of revenue, exports, and employment.


In her addresses, Hon. Bergamini reaffirmed PAM's unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the maritime and naval sector. She also emphasized the necessity of fostering strategic partnerships between public and private entities to address pressing challenges related to energy transition, environmental sustainability, and the promotion of the blue economy.


On the other hand, Hon. Centemero briefly outlined PAM’s main activities in the promotion of the blue sustainable economy, the role of the PAM Panel on Trade and Investment in this field and the Assembly’s cooperation with UNEP and its agencies on the implementation of its Mediterranean strategy for the prevention, preparedness and response to marine pollution caused by naval accidents (2022-2031).


Of particular importance was the recognition of the maritime sector's potential to contribute to the broader goals of sustainable development and climate action. Discussions centred on innovative approaches to enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote sustainable practices throughout the maritime value chain.


Looking ahead, PAM expressed its eagerness to deepen collaboration with Confindustria Nautica and other stakeholders to drive forward sustainability initiatives within the maritime industry.


Over the years, PAM has maintained excellent relations with the Italian Confindustria, to the extent that the PAM Panel on Trade and Investment was launched during an event organized and sponsored by the two institutions in 2010.


The Assembly reiterated its commitment to continuing working closely with Confindustria to facilitate dialogue, foster knowledge-sharing and implement concrete actions that advance the blue economy across the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions.


For this reason, in her concluding remarks Hon. Bergamini emphasized the importance of the upcoming PAM 2nd Marrakesh Economic Parliamentary Forum, as a pivotal opportunity for collaboration and progress in promoting economic development in the region and invited all the participants at the event to further enrich discussions on maritime economy in Marrakesh.//