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2nd Standing Committee
Hon. Giulio Centemero

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) contributed to the V-finance and the Tecno group event entitled the "Sustainability Hub" to support companies on their path to sustainable development with the aim of listing on the stock exchange. The event was held in Milan, Italy, on 15 December 2021. 

V-Finance is a company specialised in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) Advisory and a Sustainable Finance, a Partner of Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock-Exchange that has hosted several PAM meetings.

The event was attended by numerous high-level figures of the academic and economic world. The President of V-Finance and the President of Tecno Group highlighted the importance of sustainability as an integral part of the entire investment financing chain for SMEs and on the need to identify reporting systems in sustainable finance. Moreover, important figures from the academia coming from UCL & Imperial College, and the University of Naples Federico II stressed the importance of ESG policies in the growth of companies.  

PAM was represented by Hon. Giulio Centemero, Co-Chairman of the PAM Economic Panel, who spoke on the European taxonomy and the evolution of the same legislation. Hon. Giulio Centemero stated that "Governments, investors and consumers are the three main stakeholders in the process towards sustainability. These are the three main stakeholders in the process of moving towards sustainability and have the task of making this journey possible and enabling businesses to do their best work.”

During the conference, Hon. Centemero was awarded the “The first sustainability hub for SMEs in Italy and abroad” Prize in recognition of his contribution on finance policies in support of SME’s growth. 

The integration project between V-Finance and the Tecno Group will make it possible to create the first Sustainability Pole, vertically focused on the ESG world, within which innovation and corporate sustainability come together to support Italian SMEs on their path to sustainable growth. The project will be possible thanks to the combination of V-Finance's ESG reporting skills and Tecno's industrial and technological skills, with an initial pool of more than 3,000 potential customers belonging to the Tecno Group. 

PAM’s participation in this event highlights its mission of advocating for extended institutional support for SMEs and safeguarding employment, improving the implementation of measures to address climate change, and supporting policy reforms for a resilient and inclusive recovery.//