The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), as part of its mandate to strengthen cooperation and dialogue between the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf region, has established an Academic Platform to facilitate interaction between national parliaments, universities, research centres and the productive sector.

To this end, PAM adopted the "Fez Programme" back in 2008. It is based on a series of initiatives in the field of higher education aimed at promoting cooperation and dialogue between PAM Member States. Meetings are to be organised between MPs, the productive sector, professors and university students.

The PAM Academic Platform is a mechanism that brings together parliamentarians, professors, researchers and organisations from various sectors around the same table, who can benefit from exchanging their experiences and directing them towards specific objectives. The intention is to make current and strategic information available to parliamentarians and, on the other hand, to provide the academic and productive world with direct access to decision-makers.

The PAM Academic Platform promotes professional and multidisciplinary interchange in the region, with the following objectives

  • Create a mechanism for exchanging views and experiences at the regional level; 
  • Encouraging regional cooperation between parliamentarians, academics and representatives of the productive sector; 
  • Promoting mobility for professors and students in the Mediterranean region; 
  • Providing a hub for stakeholders to draw on high-level expertise;
  • Identify areas of excellence.