The aim of the PAM Panel is to gather, around the same table, parliamentarians and representatives of the economic and financial sector (including investments promotion agencies, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, business and consumers’ associations, and international organizations), to assess, promote, and support legislative initiatives and measures towards economic progress and sustainable development at the national and regional levels.

It manages a special programme to facilitate access to Alternative Capital Markets for SMEs and Start-Ups. Following to the Covid-pandemic, it also also created a special group on Tourism.

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Hon. Giulio Centemero (Italy), Sen. Lyes Achour (Algeria) and Eng. Alessandro Ortis (Italy)
Chairs of the PAM Panel on Trade and Investment

Sectoral Groups of the PAM Panel on Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean

The PAM Panel activities fall under the following Sectoral Groups:

Group Coordinator/s
Sustainable Development (SD): Energy, Water, Environment Hon. Alain Perea (France), Sen. Lyes Achour (Algeria) and Eng. Alessandro Ortis (Italy)
Trade Facilitation (TF): Rules, Logistics, Transport, Infrastructures Mr Said Hachimi (WTO)

Production Initiatives and Job Creation (PJ): Industry, M/SMEs, Services, Food Production, Vocational Training

Hon. Ljubica Maksimčuk (Croatia) and Hon. Mohammed Hejira (Morocco)

Investment and Finance (IF): Facilitating legislative and regulatory frameworks, Promotion Agencies, Financial Institutions and operators  Hon. Giulio Centemero (Italy)
Tourism Promotion (TP): Travel industry, Sustainable tourism, Support for local business Hon. Dragan Krapović (Montenegro)