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Center for International Studies in San Marino

On 20 November 2021, the PAM Center for International Studies was inaugurated in the City of San Marino, in the presence of more than 80 high-ranking participants. The ceremony was preceded by an audience with the Heads of State of San Marino, H.E. Francesco Mussoni  and H.E. Giacomo Simoncini. 

The audience in the Governmental Palace was attended by delegates from all around the PAM regions, including Algeria, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Bahrain, Palestine, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Romania as well as representatives of international academia.

The Research Center aims at consolidating research activities and related academic networking into one location, as part of the decentralized network of offices and diplomatic missions of the Assembly.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, PAM President, Hon. Migliore noted that PAM is taking a new step forward through the establishment of this research center. He explained that: “The center will host researchers from all countries in our regions and beyond. Within this framework, our researchers will meet and work together towards a common goal. Their research activities will provide valuable material for our reflections and inspire legislative initiatives.”

In his speech, President Migliore encouraged young researchers, economists, sociologists and climatologists to join PAM’s Research Center, adding that their contributions will help broaden PAM’s perspectives on the most pressing issues facing the PAM region. This -in turn- will assist PAM parliamentarians to reach informed proposals and well-founded legislative action. The ceremony was also addressed by the President of the Arab Parliament, who congratulated PAM and stressed the importance of the center also, he called for bilateral cooperation. 

The experience gained by PAM researchers can later be channeled to any and all fields of actions of PAM to help build more prosperous Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions. The span of experience of the researchers can cover wide areas of knowledge from the principles of parliamentary diplomacy, to peace and security, the environment, cultural and historical heritage, migration or women emancipation, to name a few.

PAM has always been committed to achieving solidarity, peace and multiculturalism that are the ultimate goals of the Assembly’s work, through parliamentary diplomacy. 

The inauguration of the San Marino International Research Center is a testament to this revitalized commitment to global peace and security. As was stressed by PAM President, “Knowledge and research go hand-in-hand and play a crucial role in enabling PAM parliamentarians to work effectively, express their constituencies' concerns and make concrete proposals to improve the life of citizens of Euro-Mediterranean and the Gulf countries.//