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PAM meets with CTED in New York

17 April 2024, New York – Senior delegates of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) met with Mr. Weixiong Chen, Deputy Executive Director of the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED).


The delegation was composed of Hon. Pedro Roque (Portugal), PAM Vice-President; Hon. Gennaro Migliore (Italy), PAM President Emeritus and Director of the PAM/CGS; Amb. Hon. Majallie Whbee (Israel), PAM Roving Ambassador; Amb. Qazi Shaukat Fareed, PAM Permanent Observer to the UN in New York, and PAM Secretary General.


The meeting underscored the crucial role of PAM as a unique and the most efficient parliamentary platform for the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions to monitor and discuss major terrorist trends, including online radicalization, Foreign Terrorist Fighters, and the threats coming from the presence of many terrorist cells and mercenary groups, such as the Africa Corp, in the Sahel, considered by the UN as the new epicentre of global terrorism.


Moreover, Mr. Chen praised the work that PAM is conducting, jointly with CTED, and other UN organisations, and with the support of the PAM Center for Global Studies (CGS), to draft a comprehensive and delicate live-report on the malicious use of AI and innovative technologies by government-linked hackers, terrorist groups and criminal organizations.


Joint activities will be also implemented on the margins of the 2024 UNGA and of the Internet Governance Forum, in Riyadh next December, to present the report and help parliamentarians to familiarize themselves with the normative challenges posed by AI and emerging technologies. //