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PAM Prize Awards 2023

On the occasion of the 17th PAM Plenary Session, held in Rabat, Morocco, the PAM Awards 2023 were announced. These awards are presented every year to those institutions and/or individuals in recognition of their exceptional contributions, in distinct fields, to promote PAM ideals in the region. The award ceremony will take place later in the year. This year, PAM selected its laureates in the fields of ecocide and environmental crimes; cultural and environmental preservation; green transition; charitable work; women empowerment and leadership; youth empowerment and humanitarian aid. The 12 laureates are:


  • Earth Thrive (Serbia), for its charitable aims focusing on prevention and remediation of ecocides.
  • “HAYDI” Mobile Application (Türkiye), for its activity to prevent crimes against the environment, nature, and animals.
  • Prof. Antonino Abrami, IAES Executive President, & the International Academy of Environmental Sciences (Italy), for their joint effort to fight environmental crimes.
  • “The Olive Tree Road of Israel” Project (Israel), for its action in the implementation of the international UNESCO project “The Olive Roads”.
  • Associazione Porta d’Oriente Libero Sviluppo Mediterraneo (Italy), for its activities to promote the social, natural, and cultural heritage of the various Mediterranean communities.
  • Master Mehdi Qotbi (Morocco), for its work on Mediterranean aestheticism, creating and preserving beauty in the Mediterranean art-space.
  • Prof. Silvana Bartoletto of the University of Naples Parthenope (Italy), for her research activity about energy security and green transition in the Mediterranean.
  • The Cyprus Institute (Cyprus), for its research and educational activities in addressing climate crisis in the region.
  • Irched & Islah Algerian Association (Algeria), for its charitable work in the social, health, educational and cultural fields, taking care of the poor and orphans.
  • Grupo Olhares do Mediterrâneo and CRIA (Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia) (Portugal), for its Film Festival’s activities aiming at promoting the visibility of women coming from Mediterranean countries in the international cinematographic panorama.
  • The Watani Al Emarat Foundation (UAE), in recognition of the efforts to activate specialized volunteering in all fields of disciplines, to build a specialized voluntary base at a high level of readiness, to support and strengthen institutions in disasters and emergencies. In particular, for its major contribution in the awareness campaign to confront the spread of COVID.
  • The Tulcea Humanitarian Logistics Hub (THLH) (Romania), for the exceptional humanitarian efforts in the context of the Russian aggression to Ukraine, resulting in the delivery of urgent aid directly to active war zone in Ukraine.//