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3rd Standing Committee
PAM engages in global discussions on migration, a priority policy area for the Euro-Med region

VIENNA and PARIS, 14 and 15 October 2021 - PAM engaged in two separate high-level events dealing with migration, bringing the voice of the Assembly to the global discussions on this key priority. 

In Vienna, Hon. Tijana Davidovac (Serbia) represented PAM at a UN meeting on the smuggling of migrants, organized under the auspices of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC). PAM participation comes in the context of a strengthened cooperation with UNODC to address the full spectrum of criminal issues in the PAM region. 

Hon. Davidovac stated that smugglers have earned some 30 million euros along the central and Western Mediterranean routes”. She then encouraged all countries to unite and work in cooperation in order to counter and drastically reduce this lucrative branch of transnational organized crime. Hon. Davidovac added that the focus should be on formulating dedicated policies, stressing: These have to differentiate between economic migrations and migration by asylum-seekers.” Hon. Davidovac, called on the promotion of regular avenues” for migrants, such as humanitarian visas, temporary protection status  for family, studies or work purposes. Hon. Davidovac underlined: Lives of thousands of people are at stake each year along migration routes. In 2021 we already know that 1300 persons lost their lives during those deadly journeys.”

In Paris, Hon. Sandrine Mörch (France), PAM Vice President, represented PAM in the International Dialogue on Migration, organized by the IOM. She contributed to a discussion dedicated to Harnessing the potential of migrant women for a sustainable socioeconomic recovery.” She urged the need to help migrants and especially women on their social and health aspects. In her intervention,  Hon. Mörch said: women represent more than 70% of frontline staff in the social and health sector, as nurses, helpers, housekeepers, most of them are women of immigrant background.” Hon. Mörch continued with a reminder that public policies must be inclusive towards migrants and women in order to counter xenophobia and discrimination; As well as the need of  access for young migrants to education because it is essential for the wellbeing of a country. She added that statistics show that 9% of the world GDP was produced by the migrant population which corresponds to 3% of the world demography.

PAM engagement in these discussions comes as part of the Assemblys comprehensive approach to promote effective migration governance. The Assembly will next gather in Turkey in April 2022 to debate, inter alia, post-covid economic recovery and the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration, ahead of the mechanisms review forum, where PAM will bring the collective voice of the parliaments of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions to the process.